Books to read: The Pilgrimage

The Pilgrimage by Paulo Coelho My rating: 4 of 5 stars I read this book a very long time ago and in my mother tongue; Farsi. I didn’t remember much…


Books to read: The Little Prince


Books to read: The Arrival

The Arrival by Shaun Tan My rating: 5 of 5 stars What an amazingly powerful book! As I was reading it, I had this strange feeling of familiarity, but I…


Books to read: The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared


Movie Night: Gone Girl


Simple Trick of the day: Sharpen

Although I’m not a big fan of sharpening an image in most cases, sometimes it does help bringing out more details. Sharpening is basically exaggerating the brightness difference within an image and this process has some nasty side effects. One particular one is the dark edges introduced around the objects.

The other days one of my colleagues at work, Luke Armstrong , showed me the simplest trick that improves this dramatically! I was surprised why I haven’t thought about it myself! The solution is maxing the sharpened image with the original image, so this way only the highest positive values comes across! Neat and simple! no more dark edges!

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Gravity: The Success Stories!


Gravity wins big at the Oscars

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Machine Era Wallet

It’s been 6 months since I got myself a new wallet! and I’ve been on the lookout for another interesting design, but it’s not easy to find innovation in this…


Gravity wins Special Visual Effects Bafta

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Back in Kingston

Yesterday I did two lectures for Kingston University students. I was a student there myself not long ago and graduated in 2009 from Media Technology Bsc. Going back to Kingston always brings back a lot of memories, mostly good! and I’m always happy to return and share my journey with the future digital artists. This time as well doing a presentation I also showed a special video.
Every time after I finish a talk I wish I could have shared more as all I’m saying is one person’s story and point of view and probably won’t apply to many.This year I wanted to change that with the help of my colleagues. I did a series of video interviews with Framestore artists from different departments and asked them to share their stories. I was faced with an overwhelming support, so much so that I was not able to include everyone in the project. The result was a video of the vfx artists generously sharing their unique journeys and how they got where they are. It took me four weeks to put it together and I really hope Kingston students found it helpful. I will make the original video available online here for a limited time and hopefully a shorter version officially online at some point in the next few months.