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Working efficiently: using spreadsheets

One of the most important part of working efficiently is keeping a track of your tasks and assignments. I try to provide myself with as much as visual information as possible by organising my tasks in a colour coded way so by a quick glance I can see what shot is reaching it’s deadline and needs more attention. Using Google spreadsheet makes really easy to create interactive tables and keeping everything organized.
I’m going to share a few tips today about how to setup an interactive block that shows the remaining dates and changes the colour based on that.
Let’s say the deadline for Shot A is 15th of March. First step is creating a data format that can be used for further referencing. To display the date use this format:
Now we can use the following line to extract the remaining days from our date;
It will be easier to colour code the remaining days block so when it’s reaching the deadline it automatically turns red. To do that go to Format>Conditional Formatting and set a condition.

ok seems we have plenty time left and everything is still green! you can go home early tonight!

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