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Welcome to Bethnal Green! (A Walk Down Hackney Road)

I recently moved to Bethnal Green. I’ve never lived or even spent much time in east London, so this was quiet a change of scenery or a good chance to…

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London; Food Lovers Heaven!

Hallucinating Life

Less is more!

Over the past few weeks I had to, and also wanted to, reduce and downsize my belongings. Anything that wasn’t portable or small enough had to say goodbye to the…

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A Bitter Oscar!

There were so many fantastic VFX movies last year. From the (Hollywood) blockbusters such as The Avengers, The Hobbit, Prometheus or a film that didn’t get as much attention as…

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Ernest & Celestine

Last week, I watched a very interesting French animation called ”Ernest & Celestine‘’. This very beautifully made hand drawn animation all in water colour, reminds you of your childhood and…

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to draw: it's a process

Understanding the relationship between the objects is not as easy as you would think! To be able to accurately estimate their size and distance form each other and reflect that…