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Books to read: The Little Prince

The Little Prince The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

For such a short book, this was such a heavy read! took much longer than I expected to finish this! I just couldn’t speed up and felt buried under layers and layers of hidden meaning .. well! maybe not so hidden! but metaphors and analogies that engage your thoughts and makes you wonder! take you back to your younger self or show you a glimpse of what you may become.

What I like about the style of the book is, it feels like it’s written by an adult who can still think like a child in a fully self aware state, and as a result he was able to see how we miss the subtle details in things as we grow up, and the life simply becomes going from A to B and so on. We care less about what things truly our and more about what they worth to us.

It’s the first time for me wanting to go back and read a book right after finishing it! I don’t think looking at the stars make me laugh yet! In a strange way, this little story made me wanting to be a more genuine person! more true to myself and others.. and I do believe the little prince was real.

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