Project: Testament of Youth (2015)
My Role: Compositor
Company: Framestore
Time on the project: 3 Weeks
Shots Completed: 3

Testament of Youth is another small project I had the opportunity to work on in the summer of 2014. The film centres around a female lead who recalls coming of age during World War I. Framestore’s contribution involved doing set extensions and creating environments that reflected that historical period. In the three weeks I spent on the project, I worked on three shots that take place in London Charing Cross station.
Having developed a good level of skills with set extension work during my time on Guardians of the Galaxy, I really enjoyed bringing what I had learned and help to create this new environment. Working closely with my DMP artist, Laura Macfadyen, under Anthony Smith supervision, I was happy with the final outcome and pleased to see the clients were very satisfied with the final outcome.