Project: Dracula Untold (2014)
My Role: Compositor
Company: Framestore
Time on the project: 3 Weeks
Individual Shots Completed: 2
Total of the shots involved/helped to completion: 10

I joined Dracula Untold towards the last three weeks of the show and to help putting the final touches and complete the remaining shots. Dracula Untold is new take on the origins of the character told in a very stylish way.
When you join a show at a time like that and the chaos of meeting the final deadline, you could end up with all sorts of assignments! but the challenge is to try to be as adaptive and effective as possible to eliminate any hanging tasks. Having that in mind I tried to approach every assignment given with a lot of energy and having efficiency as a priority. I may have ended up empty handed in terms of having shots to call mine, but very pleased with my contribution in finalising the remaining shots and helping a team who’s been working on this project for a very long time.