Project: Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)
My Role: Compositor
Company: Framestore
Time on the project: 3.5 Weeks
Individual Shots Completed: 3
Total of the shots involved/helped to completion: 7

Marvel movies are probably some of most exciting projects to work on. The CG heavy nature of them and the level realism and quality of the work demanded makes them always very fun with a lot of room for creativity.
I was a little disappointed Framestore was not involved in the first Avengers as I really wanted to work on it, however, I got my chance to work on another Marvel project that turned out to a very good and successful movie ; Guardians of the Galaxy. Needless to say when I was told the year after that I’ll be working on the second Avengers movie I was ecstatic! I joined the show in the last few weeks of delivery and helped taking the remaining shots to the finish line.
Framestore’s role was mainly the Vision’s birth sequence. Vision, who becomes a new member of Avengers team by the end of Avengers Age of Ultron, is an android with what seems to be infinite power! I worked on a few shots featuring him . Vision’s body in most of his birth scene is fully CG so the challenge for me integrating the actor’s head with that seamlessly which was a lot of fun. Avengers 3? Yes please!