Project: Pan (2015)
My Role: Compositor
Company: Framestore
Time on the project: 9 Weeks
Individual Shots Completed: 7
Total of the shots involved/helped to completion: 9

Admittedly I’m not a big fan of the so called reboots trend in Hollywood and the lack of original story telling combined with the golden age of TV, have made going to movies more of a social event than a search for inspiration for me, but when I heard Joe Wright was attached the new Pan, I was very hopeful.

The movie created a magical and wonderful world in which the story is told and Framestore London & Montreal had a hand in bringing them to life. I worked on a number of live action & full CG shots and the challenge was adding a sense of photorelaisim to this digital dimension. I alwayas enjoy getting into the details of things and use my photograpihic experinces in making sure things look right and believable. Pan was released in October 2015.