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Green Tea Frappuccino

A hot day in Beijing, in San Li Tun, I had Green Tea Frappuccino for the first time! And began an obsession which lasted for the rest of my stay with having at least one per day if I could get my hands on any! It tasted so refreshing with just the right balance of sweetness and rich taste of green tea. Wherever I was going seeing a Starbucks sign had become an invitation impossible to reject! But after returning to UK sadly this didn’t exist in Starbucks menu!

After few months, a few weeks back we finally decided to try making one! Getting hold of the recipe wasn’t too difficult as this seemed to be a highly popular drink and people writing about it all over the world! Here is what we used in ours:
1- Green Tea Powder
2- Starbucks Vanilla Syrup
3- Cream
4- Ice
5- Milk

The process of making this is really easy and as you can see in the video below it’s really a matter of few minutes! And then you are hooked!


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