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Beijing Moments #2 Qian Men Ride!

Qian Men street

Qian Men street was one of the most interesting places I visited in Beijing. With more than 500 years of history and located in the south of Tiananmen Square, it is home to most of Beijing’s top brands from clothing to food. There are many international brands such as Zara and UniQlo there too, but the majority remains domestic. There’s such a nice atmosphere there, with of lot of little alley roads leading to smaller shops and looks even nicer in the night with all the lights specially neon lights changing the face of the street to a more surreal place. There’s an old fashioned tram running on the street which I took a ride with.

I had the best dumplings I’ve ever had there too, still can’t believe how good it tasted! First time I tried it I could literally feel an explosion inside my mouth! Du Yi Chu is one of the oldest restaurants in Beijing and the name was given by Emperor Qianlong. The speciality and main dish is Shao Mai which is a kind of steamed dumpling with the dough gathered at the top. It’s very unique and nothing like you’ve ever tried before!


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