Project: The Lion King (2019)
My Role: Senior Compositor
Company: MPC
Time on the project: 5 Months

Fresh of a four months break travelling around the globe, I joined MPC London to continue that travel this time into Kenya in recreating a Disney masterpiece; The Lion King. Having been blown away by MPC’s work on The Jungle Book, when I was offered to join in their new venture and what surely will be an Oscar contender, all I had to do was to say yes please!. Led by an inspiring visual effects supervisor on my team, Adam Valdez, MPC’s Lion King pushes the boundaries of photreal CG animals and open doors to perhaps a new era of CG generated documentaries! I helped with a couple of trailer shots and lookdev of two sequences in the movie and was very impressed by the quality of the work. My only regret was not being able to stay on the show and cross the finish time with the rest of the amazingly talented comp team due to prior commitments and my first supervisor position stint. The work is absolutely brilliant and MPC should be very proud of what is accomplished here.