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Happy Ears are back, in style!

I wrote a review last year on Happy Ears, the Swedish company behind an amazing pair of earplugs. I discovered them on a trip to Stockholm in a DesignTorget store. I was very impressed with it and gave them my first ever GoodDesign award. They are still my favourite earplugs and I use them frequently both outside to volume down the world’s noise and inside for sleeping. The only thing I didn’t love about them was something that probably they couldn’t do much about; the natural loss of white colour in soft plastic. Over the last year mine have picked up a yellowish tint. It’s a minor gripe as aesthetically they just feel a bit dirty despite being kept clean. There are a lot of benefits in using a transparent white colour, most obviously how it’s less noticeable when in use as it absorbs the surrounding colour. However, I did wish there were more colour choice. The good news is that has happened, kind of!

Happy Ears introduced a special limited edition on March this year for South by Southwest festival. SXSW festival focuses on film, music, digital media and interactivity and a perfect platform for these Swedish entrepreneurs to showcase their unique product.

It comes in a stylish black colour accompanied with the same excellent soft protective case included in the regular line up. This being a limited edition, doesn’t suggest a strategy change but I do hope they consider adding this to their shop permanently. They have a great sense of design and choosing the black colour (missed opportunity for a black case?) works great and looks like a stylish accessory in ear.

I’m thrilled with this new addition and will be using them as my new travel companions.

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