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A Good Design

Designs of the Year 2015
Designs of the Year 2015

There’s a very interesting exhibition currently running at London Design Museum called “Designs of the Year 2015”. It’s a showcase of outstanding designs of the past year in 6 categories of architecture, digital,fashion, graphics, product and transport. It will be there until late August and it’s well worth a visit. I won’t get into much details as there’s a very comprehensive website with everything you need to know, but as I was walking around I started taking some notes on what a good design should be. I found the exhibition very inspiring and made me want to design something right away!. Here are some of my notes;

A good design:
1- Functions well
2- Easy to use
3- Understands the manufacturing process
4- Ingeniously uses the available materials IMG_3536
5- Easily affordable
6- Requires limited skills to make
7- Changes the way we live
8- Solve problems
9- Reflects innovation
10- Responds to its’ era
11- (allows to) Express individuality
12- Provokes debates
13- Open minded and not tied down to what’s established
14- Has clean and bold outlines
15- Understands the user
16- Captures the critical spirit without designing out the fun
17- Doesn’t obscure the function
18- Helps people re think things
19- Reflects past, present and future
20- Brings drama and magic
21- Has everyday impact
22- Touches emotions


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