Project: Intergalactic (2021)
My Role: Compositing Lead
Company: Egg VFX
Time on the project: 4 Months
Individual Shots Completed: 30
Total of the shots helped to completion: ~55


TV productions have come a long way in terms of quality and what once was considered ‘good enough for TV’ when it came to VFX is no longer the case. They go toe to toe with feature films in terms of scale and ambition. I’ve been trying to find a good fit to learn more about the difference between TV and feature film’s production and ‘Intergalactic‘ was ticking all the boxes for me.

In a joint venture between MILK VFX London and Egg VFX Dublin, Intergalactic is a very ambitious sci-fi project for Sky (British broadcaster).

I joined Egg VFX on the Dublin side of the project. Arriving in Dublin and after the mandatory 2 weeks self-isolation I was instantly charmed by this beautiful city and the stunning Irish landscapes.

Our international crew at Egg was faced with many exciting challenges under the leadership of Aled Rhys Jones.  Our colleagues on the MILK side were led by VFX and Comp supervisors Jean-claude Deguara and Matias Derkacz. I found the supervision on the project to encourage everyone to be creative and support their ideas which was very refreshing.

I worked across many different shots all demanding something completely different. I had the opportunity to lookdev various designs from rain to snow, visors to zoom lenses, or even creating a sun! I got to led a couple of sequences as well. I’m very proud of the work we were able to create. I can’t wait to share it with everyone.