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Quick Tip: Create Anaglyph 3D Stereo Photos (One Camera+Photoshop)

3D photography has been around for over 150 years capturing the history in depth! Being able to add depth to flat images is something somewhat magical, although it’s something we…

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Quick Review: The Best Stylus for iPad

iPad has been increasingly entering our digital lives and although it was never designed to replace personal computers and laptops, for many people it is becoming their only digital hub….

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Note Plus

I don’t want to advertise an app here, but since it took me a while to find a good note taking app for iPad, I thought this might be worth…

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No More Skype For Windows Mobile!

Skype has officially stopped supporting Windows Mobile due to what they feel is their inability to provide a rich user experience! (read the full story here). I know interface wise…

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Cooler Master Sphere Fan

A few days ago my CPU fan started to make a funny noise! Desktop’s PCs create enough noise already and there’s certainly no room for any extra annoying noise! So…