Fuji X with manual and vintage lenses – Part 2: Miranda 70-210mm f4.5-5.6

This is part two of “Fuji with manual and vintage lenses” which I started last May (read part 1). It has taken me a long to find time to do…

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Fuji X-E1 & X-T1 with manual and vintage lenses – Part 1: Helios 28mm f2.8

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Revisiting Film

YouTube Video The film photography has been dying for years, it’s been battling with a cancer known as ‘digital’ but with each dying breath it leaves behind a legacy and…

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Welcome to Bethnal Green! (A Walk Down Hackney Road)

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Freedom of Creation

London 2012 Olympic Games finally draw to an end leaving many memorable moments behind. I thought London did a fantastic job and English people should be very proud. A lot…

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Th Sounds of A Different World

Sometimes very sample things look so fascinating! They could remind us of a distant memory, a forgotten experience or a flashback to a dream! I love the sound of this…