Final days: Imagine Moscow

This is week is the last chance to see “Imagine Moscow” exhibition at London Design Museum. Imagine Moscow provides a rare opportunity to see unrealised ideas and architectural designs of…


Happy Ears are back, in style!

Design Life

The Japanese House at Barbican


Good Design #3 : ZIIIRO Lunar

Time. Our most precious commodity, yet we take it for granted. As I’m getting older I’m becoming more aware of the passage of time. How quickly hours turn into days…


Good Design #2 : French Connection Folding Sunglasses


Good Design #1 : HappyEars

If I could start all over again, I would get more into design, more specifically, industrial & product design. I get a lot of pleasure in finding products that are…

Design Life Tech/Gadget

A Small change in my Pocket!

After about 10 months I’m finally departing with my paper wallet! I enjoyed how slim and light it was and even renewed it once! But it’s time to try something…