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to draw: getting better

Charcoal is such an amazing medium! Sure it has its limitations but the fluidity it provides just makes the drawing very relax and loose. Last couple of session I’ve been doing life drawing; very difficult but quiet an amazing study of the body. I still find it difficult to get proportion right, but there’s something developing in me which I like, I know I have the potential do it now, could take a while or a more than a few attempts, but I can feel it’s getting better.

Using the negative space to define the shape is still seems to be a very effective method, letting the shape emerge and then redefine and redefine it, the result is always interesting even when not very accurate, makes it looks very believable.


2 thoughts

  • Sina

    No longer have time to draw,
    But i like this method of drawing it seems simple but still very beautiful
    Guess i should try it at least once 🙂 seems interesting

    • sam

      Time is definitely the biggest challenge… I had to give up my weekend to make the workshop and haven’t been drawing since.. I can send you assume drawing materials if you like

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