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to draw: it's a process


Understanding the relationship between the objects is not as easy as you would think! To be able to accurately estimate their size and distance form each other and reflect that in your drawing, takes a lot of practise. What I’ve learned from these two classes is you need to continually improve and correct your work, erase it, and redo it, as many times as it takes to get it right.

20121016-174418.jpgAn interesting thing I noticed while drawing an object was the shape around them; the negative space. We had a very interesting training with the focus on those shapes and trying to isolate the objects using the space in between them and what I got in result was a much more accurate representation of those objects and their relationships.

20121016-174838.jpgWhen drawing something you need to look at all the cues available, and keeping your eyes on what you are drawing not the paper, constantly revisit your work and correct your mistakes. Now I know why sometimes you see a trace of a blur colour when looking at some drawings, blue is used for the initial sketch and then warmer colours define the stronger lines and form the final drawing.. It really is a process.

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