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Paris; the beauty in details

I had a short trip to Paris earlier this month. Paris is a city that’s been romanticised a lot and been described in so many different ways, raising your expectations; so first time when you arrive you expect to see something different, perhaps even something magical. I’m not sure exactly what I was expecting to see upon my arrival; I guess some sort of a sign! something that tells you; “that’s right, you are here, can you feel it?”.

No such a thing happened. After the first couple hours I wasn’t impressed and all I saw was a very ordinary city. I was not disappointed, I knew this was mostly the result of my high expectations, however, my first impression was about to change very quickly.

Once you let go of your expectation and what you’ve heard or what you were expected to see, and embrace the city for it is, it’s a pretty interesting place. I quiet enjoyed wondering on the streets and little allies and discovering little surprises. The beauty was in the details.


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