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This year's Mid-Autumn's Day


Was invited to Bournemouth International (BIC) church for Chinese Mid-Autumn’s Day. They call it international but mostly Asian people are there and the  majority are Korean.  A very light and tasty launch was served (potato noodles, rice, kimchi and chicken and a small piece of moon cake) followed by tea! I liked the atmosphere there, although didn’t talk to anyone except the father who was Korean as well. Looked like a nice atmosphere to get to know people if you do the effort! especially since I saw a few of them in the campus the next day!



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  • Marlene

    Mid-Autumn’s day is a traditional festival in China.The moon symbolized the family sitting around a table.It a day to get together.A poet named Libai wrote a poem about the moon and his feeling about missing his family ,his freinds.Sure, the moon cake is the best gift to send to your freinds.I like to eat it.
    Welcome to China.

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