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Magic Box

Long time ago, there was a girl living alone in the land of shadows, where nobody belongs to. She was sad and lonely, and crying was the only thing that could help her to carry on with this hope that she will leave this place someday. One day when she was coming back to her small room, she saw a box … a dirty small box … she picked up the box and took it home…
Before going to sleep she felt like crying again! But cheap NFL jerseys before she started, she saw the box in the corner of her room… she was completely forgotten about it … she cleaned up the box and then opened its door carefully with her both hands … something magical happened …. The room became completely white by the light came from the box … and she felt a warm touch and then a moment of peace … it felt like suddenly she didn’t have any sadness at wholesale MLB jerseys all … she closed the wholesale MLB jerseys box and went to sleep. That Small/Medium best” night she didn’t cry.
Every night she was opening the box wholesale jerseys wholesale jerseys before going to wholesale MLB jerseys sleep wholesale NBA jerseys pharetra and Post the crying wasn’t happening. One night she realized something, she discovered the secret of the box. Whenever she opens the box she suddenly remembers all the happy memories of her life unconsciously, all the good moments … familiar faces, those who love her and she loves them La … and by thinking about those good memories she didn’t need to cry anymore, she was smiling and thinking about the day when she leaves the land of shadows to be back in of her town, with klingendesdesign her friends to make new happy memories … she didn’t open the box that night because she didn’t need it anymore.. She smiled Gulgong and closed her eyes … then she wholesale NFL jerseys cried! But this time out of happiness, happiness of cheap jerseys remembering all the good days of her life Strange and the hope that she had to “smell washing powder mixed with the aroma of delicious foods flowing in the breeze” again …
*dedicated to a friend

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